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We've developed the first restaurant tech platform that revolutionizes the reservation system for restaurants and event spaces, using blockchain technology to increase reliability and drive revenue.

The current issue is that restaurants lose $73 billion per year in the US alone due to unreliable reservation systems and hefty fees. Solatix addresses this with an all-in-one web3 platform that enables customers to purchase or trade reservations through a peer-to-peer marketplace, generating revenue for restaurants on every transaction and reducing no-shows.

We monetize by taking a small percentage of every reservation transaction with restaurants. We’re going to market with rev-share because it’s simple and it works. As we grow we can adapt our business model to suit the market, in whatever way makes the most sense for our customers.

Restaurants are just the beginning once we have the users we can expand to the entire travel experience, hotels, events, experiences.

We have an unfair advantage through our team of seven bringing diverse expertise. With backgrounds in marketing big brands like Stone Island and Calvin Klein, designing user experiences for Spotify and Nike, hyper experienced and connected in the restaurant industry, building web3 platforms like WonderFi, and creating successful restaurant empires.

Solatix is transforming the reservation landscape by aligning it with users' desires and budgets, positioning us as leaders in the restaurant tech revolution.

Our app is easy to use.
We're here to disrupt the restaurant tech space, but we like to keep things familiar. Search, book, make an offer on a platform that's traditional.
We Can Estimate your Profit Potential:
  • Increase Reliable Capacity
  • Profit from Reservation
  • Off-load Reservation Responsibility
Event Spaces
  • Negotiate Rev-share with Talent
  • Profit From All Secondary Sales
  • Anti-Scalping Technology
Why nfts:
Secure. Traceable.
The types of systems that sclapers have exploited for so long will not longer aid them.
The blockchain is traceable, allowing Solatix to identify bad actors scalpers and automated buying bots immediately. Our security tools make it nearly impossible for scalpers to be successful.
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Our Team
Matt Murphy
Brody Baker
Martin Berggren
Kartik Bajaj
Brandon Hoy
Investor & Advisor
Emilien Crespo
Biz Dev LA & Paris
Amy Šafránková
Biz Dev NYC
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