A free customer engagement platform for restaurants and events.
the cat
The first restaurant tech platform that revolutionizes the reservation system for restaurants and event spaces, using blockchain technology to increase reliability and drive revenue.

It’s time for new ideas to update the entire restaurant experience.
We’re here to enable the creator economy.
Whether a chef, musician, or any kind of creator, we can help generate lasting value.
Our main goal is to bring in revenue for services which are otherwise a cost. We intend to be one of the first companies to use NFT tech meaningfully.
  • Establishments Increase Reliable Capacity by Reducing No-Shows
  • Creators Profit from Sales & Re-Sales
  • Patrons Keep or Sell Reservations - Enabling More Reliable Restaurant-Going
  • Patrons Can Make Offers to Buy More Exclusive Reservations
  • A New Marketplace is Created For Both Businesses & Consumers to Profit
Our app is easy to use.
We're here to disrupt the restaurant tech space, but we like to keep things familiar. Search, book, make an offer on a platform that's traditional.
We Can Estimate your Profit Potential:
  • Increase Reliable Capacity
  • Profit from Reservation
  • Off-load Reservation Responsibility
Event Spaces
  • Negotiate Rev-share with Talent
  • Profit From All Secondary Sales
  • Anti-Scalping Technology
We mint nfts.
We mint revenue.
We mint a new market.
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